FAQs – frequently asked questions about solar

Frequently asked questions about solar

Here are some FAQs or frequently asked questions about solar. You will find the answer to few common questions. In case you have something specific in mind please feel free to contact us.

Why do we need Solar?

We need solar because with solar power the user gets a chance to fight power shortage and, lower electricity bills & carbon footprints. So not only does the user save money in the long run, but also helps conserve the environment. A1KW solar system helps save around 208 Kgs of CO2 emission each year. Moreover, ever-increasing electricity prices make this source of energy one of the best investments for a sustainable future

How is solar power generated?

Solar energy incident on photovoltaic modules produces direct current (DC) which is converted to alternating current (AC) by an inverter, which is then used to charge a battery bank or directed into the main service panel, where it is fed to internal load.

Which sector can use Solar Energy?

Solar Energy can be used by residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Any sector or unit that uses electricity can make use of solar energy.

How much area is required for a 1 KW rooftop Solar Power generating system?

1 KW rooftop solar power generating system generally requires 8 sq. meters of flat, shadow-free area and preferably south facing. However actual sizing depends on local factors of solar radiation, weather conditions and shape & orientation of the roof.

What is the typical weight of such a system?

1 KW rooftop solar power generating system generally weighs 100Kgs.

What is the feasibility of solar power?

It is a one investment with long-term benefits over 25 years. Typically the payback period is approximately 4 years depending on current costs. The inflation in electricity prices and Income Tax laws setup to give impetus to usage of solar energy, make it a feasible investment. Moreover, the maintenance cost is minimal, as it only requires periodic cleaning & washing of panels.

Why Nimbus for solar system installation

Nimbus boasts of many successful installations all over the country. Our brand name and quality assurance has won us many happy customers. We at Nimbus have pioneered projects that provide our consumers with a reliable energy source at a one-time cost for 25 years. We have closely been working with many NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Commercial and Residential Sector.

We also supply a wide range of solar products, which uses the best components in the industry. Equipped with the latest and sophisticated solar products, we are backed by modern technical know-how and a team of experienced and dedicated Engineers & Technicians.

Are there any special mentions regarding solar power.

1. Most of the DESCOMS and other grid electricity suppliers have started net-metering provision for the consumer.  Under this scheme the excess unused power can be exported into the grid. The criteria for using net-metering are minimum 5 KW Solar Power Generating System.

2. We help in providing loan against the system (i.e. without collateral) to the customer @13% interest rate.

3. We also provide a remote monitoring system which helps the customer monitor the real time generation of the plant, and also generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly generation reports.