Solar Pumping Solution

When a customer or a community wants to go the solar way for their pumping needs with us, we understand that your vision of helping local people and local business. We make sure to give the most efficient outcome of your investment by providing you a competitive, sound and professional solar pumping solution.

Our solar pumping solutions aim at improving  the power and water scenario in India.

The power crisis in most parts of India, especially rural India has pernicious influence on the growth prospects for India. Power shortage is a chronic issue and runs over every day news.

This energy shortage has a direct impact on availability of water for drinking and agricultural purposes leading to disastrous scenarios.

At Nimbus our vision is to take the responsibility to provide a sustainable solution to address this grave issue, and we believe Solar energy is the solution to this scenario.

A variety of AC solar pumping solutions ranging from 1 HP to 40HP are available, which include all types of surface, open well submersible and submersible pumps. Solar Pumping Solutions are the best for customers and communities looking to pump water for drinking and irrigation purposes during the day.

Our system also connects to domestic electrical connections, enabling the usage of the pumps even during the absence of sunlight. In areas where there is no electricity, a battery solution can be provided for 24 hour operations. The pumps come along with the specific inverter required. These solar pumps and inverters have been especially developed by our partners for its use in Solar Pumping Systems and have a higher efficiency when compared to the normal pumps and inverters. Each system is customized and designed depending on changing needs of the end users. Best of all our systems provides hassle free solar pumping solution which needs no maintenance and allows for relocation too.

At Nimbus we also provide solar generators to power already existing pumps.

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