Solar Roof Top Solutions

Solar energy are now being utilized for large scale lighting solutions by industries, educational institutes and huge residential complexes. Solar electricity generating systems can be installed on rooftops, terraces and other available spaces.

These large scale solar lighting solution have been providing all round benefit to customers

The systems can easily be installed in these units, providing electricity all year round.

These systems help fight the increasing cost of electricity and its uncertainty in certain areas. Having negligible maintenance costs, the solutions can be either OFF-GRID or ON-GRID. Each system is designed and customized meticulously by our experienced team, keeping in mind the customers specific needs.

Nimbus Solar’s customers generate power at their site, and reap the benefits of an inexpensive, environment friendly and reliable power source. At times, when they produce excess energy, the extra power is exported into the grid and the customers reap the benefits for the next 25 years.

The other peripheral benefits that solar panels installed on rooftops provide is by can also reducing temperatures in the top floor and the use of air conditioning as the solar panels reduce the amount of sunlight falling onto a building.
There is a multi-fold benefit in energy consumption whereby more solar systems reduce the carbon footprint at higher rates.

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