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Assistance and services by Nimbus solar

Services are an important segment of our offerings. You would find the details of the services by Nimbus Solar below.


Financilighting_smallng Options

We understand solar funding requirements of organizations. We help you collaborate with your financial service providers to help you with financing options for your solar projects.



After Sales service that counts

We providpumps_smalle high-quality solar energy solution supported by efficient and prompt after sales services to customers, and this forms the core objective of our business. Our product quality and performance is backed by a AAA rated Insurance company, which helps us provide a “Warranty Insurance”. Moreover, to considerably reduce the initial investment, we provide attractive financing options to our customers. Being a renewable energy company, we are dedicated to being a part of the global movement to save our planet from the emerging energy crisis by popularising the green way of energy production and consumption, at the same time adding value to our planet’s renewable energy assets.


Upgrade and modification


When you install solar solutions, we understand that you have growth in mind. Even we get ready to help you scale up as you grow. Nimbus will back you with any of your upgrade or modification requirement. We make sure that while doing so you can continue your normal operations smoothly.


Battery Replacement
Solar Panel Battery

With every solar solution installation, Nimbus keeps a close look into the performance of the system. With the regular check up, we make sure your batteries are as efficient as your system. We are proactive in informing when your battery needs a replacement. You can also receive an expedite service if you want Nimbus to handle your battery requirements for your solar projects.


solar-insurance Insurance on Panels

We help our customers with any insurance know how on their panels and components. At Nimbus we make sure that you are properly insured against your solar investment.


solar-panelRelocation of systems

Nimbus helps organizations or communities when they wish their solar systems to be re-located. Just let us know and we will set you up in your new location quickly.

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